"My patients have been very pleased with the results they've obtained using SHA'-LEM as an adjunctive therapy for irritant and allergic contact dermatitis, exzema, hand dermatitis, psoriasis, and diaper rash.  I like the fact that it's an economical and safe non-steroidal treatment option for a variety of skin disorders."      B.Y., M.D., Department of Dermatology

"----Please don"t stop making your wonderful ointment.  It has been passed down from my mother's generation to mine and I find it very effective for all manner of household emergencies, notably burns and diaper rash.  Your products is effective, inexpensive and doesn't sting (a plus where small children are concerned).   I hope to be able to pass SHA'-LEM along to my kids."  C.J.

"----it is a super product for burns and chapped hands, etc." A.S.

"----I've tried other products with no success with dry itchy skin that I have now at 80 years old--I've used it a lot."  M.R.

"----Mosquito bites drove me up the wall scratching but when I put SHA'-LEM on them there was no itch.  I thought it was the greatest.  In fact one women told me she used it on her hemorrhoids and that the results were unbelievable.." M.S.

"----My husband and our young son were in a car accident and our son received cuts and lacerations on his face.  My husband applied SHA'-LEM on his face religiously for weeks and the healing went quickly and left no scars." M.A.C.


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