It all began many years ago with the formula for a salve that Agnes Zdybek brought to America from her native Poland.  She used it for scalds, or when someone burned their hands, and some said it had remarkable healing powers. 
In 1947 Agnes's daughter, Bernice, suffered a severe scald of the chin, neck and chest.  She used the ointment made with her mother's formula to treat her burns.  The ointment took away the pain and discomfort and left the burned area without a scar.  Upon observing the outcome of Bernice's incident, Mrs. R.A. Salter a registered nurse, was so impressed that she felt the ointment should be make available to the public.  Bernice, Mrs. Salter and a friend decided to go into business. This was the start of SHA'-LEM OINTMENT.

The original manufacturers engaged the services of a bio-chemist, from a laboratory which specialized in services to physicians and industry, as a technical consultant.   Within two years a commercial formula was developed which insured product safety and stability, while actually enhancing the healing properties of the ointment.   SHA'-LEM OINTMENT is a non-petroleum base product containing no phenol or alcohol.

With little promotion the fame of SHA'-LEM OINTMENT spread through the region, leading to its history of loyal customers.  People found SHA'-LEM excellent for relief from PSORIASIS, ECZEMA, SUNBURN, WINDBURN, CUTS, RASHES, INSECT BITS, DIAPER RASH AND BEDSORES.   Over the years letters were received from people telling of how SHA'-LEM OINTMENT has been effective in cases where nothing else would work.

SHA'-LEM OINTMENT is now owned and manufactured by SHALEM PRODUCTS, INC.  SHALEM PRODUCTS, INC. is registered with the FDA and licensed by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy.

We at SHALEM PRODUCTS hope that others will try SHA'-LEM OINTMENT and share this treasure with us.

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